CRONUS is GREICODEX´s on-line product designed to Manage remote Work Groups (Sales Forces, Development Teams, WEB Design Teams, Digital Content Production, Consulting and other Outsourcing Services) allowing you to assign, control and monitor Task per employee.


The effective management of resources among multidisciplinary projects with different suppliers is easier using CRONUS. Set Management Indicators, advance reports per task, effort allocation reports and cost per task.


CRONUS is a WEB based tool available for mobile devices, making it the ideal tool for highly movable and remote work groups.


CMS is the ideal tool to manage Call Centers, centralized or remote.


Contact DB assignation per operator, call structure and registration, call statistics, Management indicators per Operators and Project.


CMS is a WEB based tool, making it ideal to manage remote Call Centers with the same efficiency of centralized operations at a reduced cost.



GREICODEX´s Integration Services allow you to interconnect all your business ERP requirements  with your Customers ERP or other Line-of-Business  systems in order to enhance commercial relationships.

Our Service Bus technologies and architectures are based on the best Enterprise Integration Patterns to provide High-Reliability and Speed.

Contact us to speed your business and access to a greater potential  client base by integrating with their ERP.

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